If you're looking for a great way to raise funds while keeping an audience entertained, look no further than Dick Doherty Comedy Productions. We ensure that not only will we have your audiences laughing out of their seats, but we'll also give them a show to remember months after they've left. As a volunteer, you've already put countless time and effort into your cause. Let us plan the show so you can take that well-deserved breather. Aside from the entertainment, we offer marketing, tickets, posters, and advertisements that will help your show reach its full potential. 

We strive to create a partnership so that our knowledge and experience can make your fundraiser an annual event that reaps the benefits of success.
Dick Doherty, known as "The Godfather of Boston Comedy," has been in the business of making people laugh for over 48 years and knows his way around the entertainment industry. Just to name one of his many credentials, he was the former owner of The Improv at The Wilbur Theater with Budd Friedman, so you can be sure he recognizes talent and knows a good show when he's seen it. No matter the budget, Dick Doherty will work with you to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Don't put all your efforts to waste. Call today and book your fundraiser with us.